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that will provide us with information about the state of the world in this particular area and what we are doing to address the problem. we have representatives from the police department, district attorney office, and from the mta. we did, anticipate that the ctia, wireless association would be able to attend unfortunately at the last minute there was an aunavoidable conflict and not able to be here today. i do know that both the police department and the da's office continued to work very closely with wireless carriers to coordinate and to see what we can do to make these targets or to make these phones and these tablets less appealing targets and i know that there has been a lot of talk about bricking, and finding ways for the phones to actually just be killed remotely. so that they don't have any value. i am sure that we will hear about that today. so colleagues, if there is no introduction comments, mr. chairman? >> thank you, supervisor weiner. i want to add a couple of points and i want to thank you for introducing this item and this is something that is happening not only in certain neig
, there is an elderly man who requires a wheelchair, one woman past 80 who uses a walker, another woman past 80, a man in his late 70s who has need he knee replacements and uses a cane. others in their 70s. these residents could not tolerate any part of the sidewalk made steeper. this is to notify the committee that if this construction is granted without disability issues addressed, you can rest assured there might be lawsuits with requests for punitive damages. * please contact public works department disability access coordinator kevin jensen at 30 van ness avenue. i tried to get in touch with him, but i'm not computer savvy and nobody answers their phone, you know. so, anyway, i would appreciate it if this would be looked into from a disability point of view. >> thank you. >>> thank you. >> are there any other members of the public who would like to comment? >>> my name is lou randal. i live at the corner of peralta and [speaker not understood]. as you go through, there must be some traffic controls put in before construction starts. we've had one car destroyed from people speeding up holiday with
. >> so before we actually look at delaying a month which i think would set us back i lot i want to ask if there's any other way we can make a more robust process of reviewing candidates whether -- i'm not sure if we can do it possibly in closed session we can't do it but if there's another way it can be conducted. >> i'm sure there's a way we can do that the problem with doing it today is we haven't agenda ized it. we need to agenda ize a meeting where we can adopt an action. i'm certain there's a process for expanding participation in the process subject to resolving the closed session and confidentiality issue i'm not sure about at this point. >> commissioner weiner. >> so if there's a way that there's two members that would effectively be members of the community and participate in the entire process and have that five person committee i think that's the goal i think there's a distinction between members exhaust ive ly, versus a consultation process which is not the same thing so i do make a motion to continue this one month. >> motion from commissioner weiner is there a second? >
while they are using it or texting on it. in juvenile we have seen a market increase of the filings of these types of offenses. we have 193 open juvenile cases that involve the theft of cell phones. i believe that supervisor mar you had a question earlier about the difference between larceny and robbery. there was a recent case about two years ago that talked about the necessary force to remove an item from a person. and the specific case described as basically a cell phone robbery, someone taking something from somebody's hand. and that case, indicated that the simple taking of an item from somebody's hand is not more force than is necessary to complete other types theft from the person. and therefore, this type of snatch and grab robbery is considered a grand theft from the person, not a robbery and so we have seen actually a market increase in grand theft from the persons that were currently charging. the difference is a robbery is a serious felony and a grand theft is 1170 h, a realignment eligible offense and so there is a market difference between the punishment for each one o
personnel for mta. >> lastly we have a team of plain cloths officers. we try to use them in the most clandestined effort to deal with the individuals engaged in the crimes. they have been an incredible resource, not only for addressing issues of crime upon muni, but the crime throughout the city, and that they have such a level of engagement with the repeat offenders. they are often able times to identify a suspect based upon a video footage and otherwise very quickly. and that is also a team that is funded by fema and a tsa grant and going back, the dog units are also funded through tsa as well. >> specifically, some of the target enforcement operations that we do, obviously with the issue of robberies, and the team of officers assigned to muni. regularly, interact with the diblgt station personnel. and in response to either areas that have had historically plagued by robberies or that we see changes or in creases in the robberies indicating that you may have a series or anything of that nature. and those officers are engaged in that. one of the things that we really want to do is i
specific positions on bills. as it will allow for us to carry out common positions that reflect either our own growth and objectives with protecting and increasing transportation revenue and allow us to work with other authorities across the state and ntc. and other partners. we have also conducted with the mayor's office on these principles and we are going to work forward to hopefully establish some of these to become real. over the last year, we have actually recognized some successes from the legislative program, and the subway has reached its full funding grant agreement and advocating for significant appropriations for high speed rail at the state level and map 21, the federal bill guide and appropriations have been authorized through 2014 and significant expansion of tifia, for large projects in particular. we also have seen a parody with the tax benefit for transit at $240 a month which will carry through for the end of 2013. this is parody with the parking pretext benefits. so with this in hand, we make recommendations for a 2013 program, which will begin on page 19 of your packet
, relative to date and time and that allows us to assign our resources to correspond with those levels of activities. do you have any questions, please, feel free. and i am just going to proceed. i will just refer to the resource ss not funded... could you describe what that means? >> what that means is that the officers who work full time on muni issues, that is funded by nta. every district station utilizes their own personnel to address issues relative to muni and their districts. and that is not something that is funded by mta >> and it is my understanding that officers are supposed to be riding muni a couple of times per shift; is that correct?? >> as specific things that occur in the analysis of the data. when we see in the later afternoons, 3:00 and on, we have more activities particularly in this instance you have mission station and it is not on the board. for instance, if we are seeing an increase of activity at 3 p.m. in the mission district and then obviously the captain is going to in those and the management of that station are going to assign officers to specifically tar
for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at anthoniescookies.com. if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/tumbler.com. see good morning, everyone, and welcome to the regular meeting of the transportation authority committee. to my left we have commissioner chiu, norman yee and chu. and i would like to thank you eric for being the clerk of the board and also like to thanks charles and jesse e for the sfgtv broadcasting of this meeting. are there any announcements? noe. no announcements. >> item number two, approvele minutes of the january 15th, meeting this is an action item. >> are there any changes to the minutes? >> okay. there is a motion to approve. is there a second? >> without object
or someone in a wheelchair or using a stroller carrying packages they almost get hit by cars. another thing too. i also brought this up -- leave the bus stops they were put where they are for a reason they should be left alone and the [inaudible] should not be there at all thank you very much. >> thank you any other member of the public would like to comment? agreed. >> thank you. i just had a question i know in the resolution it mentioned that this is a carry over from the previous mou in terms of the amount but in our notes page 17 it says that the amount carried over is -- they are requesting 120 thousand and i just wanted some clarity. >> the 120 thousand is the amount not to exceed i think it covers past work that's already been initiated most of the remaining work the total budget is consistent at 120 thousand. 78 thousand is carried over from the previous -- the new will be completed by 2013 and that's the subject of the update. >> so the 78 thousand -- so an additional -- so that's included in the 120 thousand? >> correct. >> okay thank you. >> okay if no other comments, can we h
say good timing for you as well. [laughter]. >> any other comments. >> again this gives us an opportunity on our light rails to address the camera issue. the camera issue is not going to go way. maybe it will go to court but when things go to court nobody ever hears about it but i would say because our inter um director is forth right i've known her for a long time but somehow we need to have a hearing on our light rail and critical lines we get the funding from the federal government that's okay but we need to pay attention in this hearing and address the cameras and the safety we had a chinese coming who were beaten very badly. there was a camera on that box but no camera on the bus somebody got stabbed on the 9 no camera on the bus it goes on and on and on because we just -- the camera or recording system that could help the law enforcement in this case the law enforcement doesn't seem to care so chief, i'm putting you on notice i know i'm your friend but do the right thing. mayor -- we can talk the talk time to walk the walk. those supervisors who come up and back t
with the golden gate national parks conservancy, and the national park service. so, this allowed us to not only put on a great sell braaetionverctiontion, but to also fundamentally change the experience that the 10 million visitors a year who come to the golden gate bridge have. if you've been out there, we've built a 3500 square foot pavilion. it's a visitors pavilion and welcoming center. there are interpretive panels and photographs and videos that you can see there and merchandise that tell you a lot about the golden gate bridge. and we have some artifacts in that pavilion that have never been seen before by the public. so people now can actually get a sense of their rich history of the golden gate bridge and how it was built and the men and women in labor who built that bridge. and, so, it's really fantastic. we also improve the outdoor plaza area so there's more open space. we improve the pedestrian and bicycle path. so, really it's a much more pleasant place to visit now so we're really, really proud of that. on the fiscal side of things at the district, it has been a difficult time, as
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)